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Solo and Ensemble - Registration Due Friday Feb 6th Last Changed

Solo and Ensemble


FEBRUARY 6, 2015


Solo and Ensemble is an opportunity for students to receive feedback about their ability to play individually and in small groups. We find that students who participate in these events grow tremendously as musicians. Students may enter up to three events total and the music they perform must be approved by Ms. Baker or Mr. Newton.  Students may find music at the local stores, online or borrow from the band library. Students should choose things from a technique book or classical solo and ensemble repertoire. Pop and Broadway music is not appropriate for this type of event.

Recognized authorities in the field of music education critique the participation of each performance evaluation performance during a planned performance evaluation schedule, and provide their written and/or oral opinions in terms of:

         A standard rating of excellence in performance and sight-reading.

         Comments and suggestions for improvement.

         Suggestions to the individual teacher to aid in personal teaching and/or conducting techniques in the belief that musical performance is the most crucial of learning situations in our subject area, that the proper evaluation of these situations is of inestimable value to the individual school and its music education program, and that the preparation for performance provides added incentives and stimuli to the teaching and learning of music in our schools.


The goals of performance evaluation participation are:

         To promote the development of musical knowledge as expressed in performance through evaluation, advice and suggestion;

         To raise the standards of musicianship, instrumentation, technical knowledge, and literature selection of performers; and

         To offer students and teachers the opportunity of extended listening to the best work of peer groups from other schools.

Recognized events for solo and ensemble include:

ENSEMBLES: brass, woodwind, string, percussion, vocal, piano, and jazz ensemble

SOLOS: brass, woodwind, string, classical guitar, percussion, vocal, and piano


Ratings for solo and ensemble events:

Superior (1): Outstanding performance. Worthy of distinction of being recognized as among the very best.

Excellent (2): Unusually good performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects. A performance of distinctive quality.

Good (3): A good performance, but not one that is outstanding. Shows accomplishment and marked promise, but lacks one or more essential qualities.

Fair (4):  A performance that shows some obvious weaknesses, generally weak and uncertain.

Poor (5): A performance which reveals much room for improvement. The students reveal almost a complete lack of preparedness and understanding.



FEES: SOLOS= $7.00 per solo


FEES: ENSEMBLE= $4.00 per student


_______________________________________Print Your Name


________ Number of Solos Entering _________ Number of Ensembles


_____________________________________ Total amount included



JanFest Patches now available Last Changed

For all who participated in JanFest 2015: 

Patch:  The JanFest patch design can now be seen at this website. The patch is on sale exclusively through the UGA marketplace site starting Tuesday, January 27th. It will be available for one month before orders end. There will be four distinct UGA-color themes for the patches that rotate each year.  A student who attends JanFest all four years could purchase and wear all four designs on their band jacket.  The cost of the patch will be $10 plus tax and shipping.  

Congratulations! Last Changed

Congratulations to Tad Paulsel, Nicole Young and Ethan Watson on being accepted to the UGA School of Music. The students attended JanFest Honor Band this weekend and while there chose to do a separate audition for the college of music. All three were told during the audition that they have been accepted to the school of music! It is unusual to be told your results during an audition so we are beyond proud of these individuals! Photo attached!


Congratulations Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra Members! Last Changed

The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra is the Junior organization to the Symphony Orchestra. It is a very challenging audition process and  it is very difficult to gain membership. Our McIntosh students did an outstanding job this season! 

Bassoon-Emily Schuler
Clarinet-Alicia Zamore
Trumpet-Steven Lukehart
Percussion-Parker Olson
Percussion-Michael Dehan


2015 District Honor Band Information Last Changed

Click on the following links for information about the 2015 District Honor Band which will be held at Sandy Creek High School on February 6th and 7th 2015.

2015 Honor Band Acceptance Form

2015 Honor Band Initial Information

2015 Honor Band Detailed Information 

Congratulations to the members of the 2015 All State Band and Orchestra! Last Changed

Bimm All State Band

3rd Chair Joey Ciancia

9th Chair Keba Simelane


Watkins Band

3rd Chair Tyler Lane

3rd Chair Michael Dehan


9th/10th Orchestra

2nd Chair  Flute Natalie Hung

1st Chair Clarinet Alicia Zamore

1st Chair Trumpet Steven Lukehart

1st Chair Percussion Parker Olsen



2nd Chair Bassoon Emily Shuler


11th/12th Orchestra

2nd Chair Flute Rachel Anders


Colburn Band

10th Chair Pearce Kramer



2nd Flute Alternate -Abby Knox


Last Changed

Happy New Year!

Don't forget about the 2nd Annual High School Concerto Competition at Georgia State University. The deadline for application is approaching quickly (January 9th). There are cash prizes for the winning students and they get to perform their concerto with the bands of Georgia State too!


The High School Concerto Competition is an annual event hosted by the Georgia State School of Music and is open to high school wind and percussion students. All high school level students of the 2014-15 academic year are eligible for the competition, including homeschooled musicians. Winners receive a cash prize and perform with a Georgia State University Band on Thursday March 5, 2015.

For more detailed information about audition requirements and process, please visit the competition's official announcement page. (


Congratuations District Honor Band Participants Last Changed

Congratulations to the following McIntosh Students who have earned a position in our District 2015 Honor Band. The number next to their name is their chair position within the section. 


FEBRUARY 6&7 Sandy Creek High School


9th-10th Grade Members



3rd-Natalie Hung

6th-Abby Knox

8-Noemi Gentzke

11-Katelyn Stephens



1st-Alisha Zamore

7th-Chaeeun Lim

9th-Doug Morris

12th-Hyunkung Lee


Tenor Saxophone

1st-Nicholas DiBattista



1st-Joey Ciancia

3rd-Steven Lukehart

6th-Keba Simelane

15th-Drew Perez


French Horn

1st-Tyler Lane

5th-Lincoln Anders



1st-Parker Olson

2nd-Michael Dehan

6th-Wesley Dodgen



11th and 12th Grade Members


1st-Rachel Anders

9th-Nicole Young



4th Steve York



2nd Emily Schuler



1st Pearce Kramer

7th-Kevin Kwon

8th-Zoe Knox

10th-Tad Paulsel



15th-Hyungyu Lee


French Horn

4th-Ethan Watson


Alternate-Alexandra Dumas

Alternate-Ethan Caldwell

Alternate-Drew Perez

Alternate-Emma Vender




Congratuations First Round All-State Qualifers Last Changed
Congratulations to the following students who scored high enough to pass the first round of All State Band and Orchestra auditions this year. These students will go to Houston County High School in January for the final round audition.  
Lincoln Anders
Rachel Anders
Joey Ciancia
Michael Dehan
Nicholas DiBattista
Noemi Gentzke
Natalie Hung
Abby Knox
Zoe Knox
Pearce Kramer
Kevin Kwon
Tyler Lane
Hyunkyung Lee
Chaeeun Lim
Steven Lukehart
Doug Morris
Parker Olson
Emily Schuler
Keba Simelane
Steve York
Alisha Zamore
Katelyn Stephens
Nicole Young
Ethan Watson
2015 UGA Honor Band Participants Last Changed

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to participate in the 2015 University of Georgia Honor Bands. 
















All State Jazz Last Changed

Congratulations to Steven Lukehart who was selected to All State Jazz for trumpet and is also the alternate on piano.


Congratulations Marching Band Members Last Changed

Congratulations to all members of the 2014 Spirit of McIntosh Marching Band on a great season! The following students received special recognition at this years award ceremony. 



Student Choice

Directors' Choice 

Guard and Majorette 

Guard and Majorette  

Abby Krikorian 

Meghan Keirn 

Jamilla Clark 

Helen Davison 



Michael Dehan 

Gerald Akenten and Michael Dehan 

Rachel Anders 

Michael Ferrara 

High Brass 

High Brass 

Emma Vender 

Ethan Watson and Joey Ciancia 

Joe Diragi 

Nick Paulsel 

Low Brass 

Low Brass 

Lincoln Anders 

Matthew Hampton 

John Williamson 

Luke Davis 



Doug Morris 

Bianca Cathern 

Gracie Reamer 

Noemi Gentze 

Barbara Baker
Director of Bands, McIntosh High School


Congratulations Jazz Students Last Changed

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to the All State Jazz Clinic which coincides with the second round All State Jazz auditions. The students selected for this special event are: Joey Ciancia, Stephen Lukehart and Sangwoo Shim 

Concert Uniforms Last Changed

We are currently accepting orders for girls and boys concert wear. Make your check payable to McIntosh Band Boosters. The money and order form must be turned in to the band room by the end of the day on November 20, 2014.  We do have a limited number of used items for sale come to the band room before or after school in order to see the inventory. 

Click here for order form and sizing information.  

Newnan Competition - Video of Performance Last Changed

This is the link to the Spirit of McIntosh's final competition performance of the season at Newnan High School on Saturday November 1st. 

Thanks to Mr. Morris for the video and Mr. Burton for the shout out. 

Creekview Competition Results Last Changed

The Spirit of McIntosh Marching Band competed 25th October at the Creekview High School Marching Band. The band received superior ratings from 4 out of 5 overall band judges. The band also received superior ratings in the following captions: Colorguard, Drum Major, Majorette, and Percussion. The Drum Majors were #1 in class and the Majorette was the overall highest scorer for the entire competition!


This is a link to the performance:

Kennesaw State Collage Concert February 7th 2015 Discount Last Changed
Use coupon code 9OFFCOLLAGE to receive $9 off each regular, full-priced ticket to Collage purchased between now and October 31, 2014.
To redeem, click here and enter coupon code into the "Promotional Access Code" field.  Regular tickets $35-55.  
Valid until 10/31/14. Offer may not be combined with any other offers/discounts. Call the KSU College of the Arts Box Office at 470-578-6550.

Collage Concert
Saturday, February 7, 2015
5 p.m. and 8 p.m.
An evening of exciting and fast-paced vignette performances by over 200 
School of Music performers


The Kennesaw State University School of Music is proud to present the 9th annual Collage scholarship concertCollage is the signature production of the School of Music and a primary fundraising event for supporting scholarships for School of Music students. Each year the show features a rapid-fire program delivered as flowing vignette performances by School of Music soloists, chamber groups, and ensembles totaling over 200 student and faculty performers. Special repertoire, seamless transitions between diverse works, and unique lighting and stage design combine to create a truly memorable experience unique in our region. This cutting edge concert experience highlights the incredible passion and talent of the faculty and students of the KSU School of Music and challenges preconceived notions of what a concert can be. Collage showcases the School of Music's mission to educate musicians who innovate, create, and lead their art into the future.


Due to sold-out crowds and increasingly high demand for each performance over the past several years, this year'sCollage event will feature two shows: 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. In the time between the two performances, a public reception and raffle will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Patrons may purchase VIP tickets which include an invitation to a special reception following the 8 p.m. performance, a silent auction, and premium seating for the event.



Great representation by Fayette County at All State Jazz this past weekend. Last Changed
McIntosh had students pass in 6 areas, Sandy Creek in two areas and Whitewater in one area. Out of the 12 students for our district who passed to the next level, 8 were Fayette County students. These students will participate in an Honors Jazz Clinic in December which will be held on the campus of Valdosta State University and are in the running for membership in the 2015 All State Jazz Band. 

Last Name First Name Instrument High School Director
Dallas Andrew Alto Saxophone Whitewater High School  Jack Jean
Lukehart Steven Trumpet McIntosh High School  Barbara Baker
Chapman Quincy  Tenor Saxophone Sandy Creek High School  John Kelley
Campbell Michael Bass McIntosh High School  Barbara Baker
Shim  Sangwoo Tenor Saxophone McIntosh High School  Barbara Baker
Olson Parker Drum Set McIntosh High School  Barbara Baker
Lukehart Steven Piano McIntosh High School  Barbara Baker
Ciancia Joey Trumpet McIntosh High School  Barbara Baker
Ramirez Nathanel Drum Set M.E. Stilwell School of the Arts Derrick Jackson
Spindler Matthew Trombone Sandy Creek High School  John Kelley
Crawford Rasheed Drum Set M.E. Stilwell School of the Arts Derrick Jackson
Boddie Timothy Drum Set Sandy Creek High School  John Kelley



Photos of Band Sections and Lake Lanier Competition Last Changed

Photos of the 2014 Spirit of McIntosh Marching Band sections and of the Lake Lanier Competition have been uploaded to this website. Click on this link to view them: 

Spirit of McIntosh first 2014 Competition - Lake Lanier Last Changed

Congratulations to The Spirit of McIntosh Marching Band who competed this past weekend at the Lake Lanier Tournament of Bands at Chestatee High School. The Band Earned Superior Ratings in the following categories: Overall Band, Percussion, Colorguard, Drum Major and Majorette. The band earned a Sweepstakes Award for earning all superior ratings in every caption. The percussion section earned first place in their Division and our Featured Twirler was the high scorer for the day.  

Click here  to view the morning Festival performance of the Spirit of McIntosh at the Lake Lanier competition.  

Click here to view the Festival awards.

The show this year is entitled Space, the Final Frontier.

  Part of the Leadership Team prior to the competition awards ceremony.

Photos of Spirit of McIntosh Marching Band available to view on this website Last Changed

Click on the album names below to view the photos.  

Album: 2014 MB Football Game - Morrow - 09-28-2014

Album: 2014 MB - Saturday Practice - 09-20-2014


2014 Spirit Of McIntosh Color Guard Last Changed


Congratulations to Natalie Hung! Last Changed
Congratulations to Natalie Hung who is the 1st chair flute player for the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra of Atlanta.

The Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestras of Atlanta is a community-based youth orchestra dedicated to the highest level of music-making in a supportive, caring environment that fosters creativity and camaraderie. MYSO provide young students with unique opportunities to continue their music education in a full orchestral setting.  Instilling in its members a life long love of music.

The 2014-2015 season will be the twenty-fifth anniversary season of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestras of Atlanta. We will be beginning another successful year  providing orchestral education and performance of great orchestral literature to talented string, wind, brass and percussion students from the metropolitan Atlanta area.  
Spirit of McIntosh 2014 Leadership Team Last Changed

Band Leadership Team 2014

Drum Majors

Tad Paulsel and Anthony Robinson


Band Captain-Ethan Watson (Student Leader Visual)

            Band President-Daniel Dehan (Student Leader Music)


Brass Captain

John Williamson



Woodwind Captain

Bianca Carthern


Colorguard Captain

Helen Davison


Percussion Captain

Gerald Akenten



Leadership Assistants

Rachel Anders, Katie Ludecke, Mathew Hampton, Jamilla Clark, Ethan Caldwell


Equipment, Facility, Field and Props Leadership

Grace Davis, Eric Greenhaw, Jackson Post, Madeline Lyons


Student Music, Drill, Download Information! Last Changed

If you are a student looking for music, drill information or information you told would be available on the website, see the Forms and Documents Section in the navigation bar on the left.